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Who » Indrajit Das
What » Passionate about Photography, Travel, Heritage, Adventure Sports, Music and many more
Where » Kolkata, India
When » 2013 – Present
Why » Passion
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Bong Blogger is an individual traveller. Some time couldn’t manage the fund to travel although has immense urge deep inside to see every square inch of the earth. Bong always tend to avoid crowds and glittering hi-tech places. He believes in the common man and nature. That’s why ushers him many times to return to nature and made him stronger from inside for adventure sports like climbing, trekking etc with a cheap camera hanging on his neck. Not everybody can see the world creatively but some, same as Bong cannot set the exposure to an optimum creative level that’s why he is doing documentation photography for the last couple of years. Wherever Bong travel, Books and Music both travel with him but his Guitara couldn’t.

He has a lot of dreams full of eyes and so many compartments to explore from Traveling to Heritage and from Heritage to return to Nature. The person who born with a completely vagabond mindset, has many problems and his life can be shaped in different ways but Bong always wants to return to his small home in Kolkata after another exciting trip. After so many hurdles he got a small place here, that’s why he understands the real problem of others, so he cordially welcomes guest writers here with similar or dissimilar interests.

One lifetime is not enough to see it all and he does his best to explore as many places as possible. His bags are packed and ready to go. He is available for editorial, commercial travel photo assignments or any Travel Assistance anywhere.

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