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Book Review - The Calling by Priya Kumar 1

Book Review – The Calling by Priya Kumar

The book talks about the journey of a man name, Arjun to find the true purpose of his life. Arjun is a typical, high flying, over-ambitious corporate guy. He earns huge, for that he works more than required. He always attached to his phone and ignores his surroundings. His lifestyle brought complications in his personal and as well as in professional life.

Book Ehudi Kotha - Amitava Sengupta 0

বই রিভিউ – ইহুদিকথা

বইটি মূলত ইহুদিদের ওপর দীর্ঘদিনের গবেষণার ফল। বইটিতে ইহুদিদের উৎপত্তি, বিকাশ, তিন হাজার বছরের ছিন্নমূল জীবন “ডায়াস্পোরা”- প্রসঙ্গগুলি মূখ্য আকর্ষণ। ইতিহাসের বিভিন্ন মোড়ে বারবার বদলাতে থাকা প্রবাসী, ছিন্নমূল ইহুদি সমাজচিত্র এবং জাতি মনস্তত্ত্বের বর্ণনা রয়েছে।

Cover of Book Aaj Chander Sange Raat Katabo by Panchatapa 1

Book Review – Aaj Chander Sange Raat Katabo

Panchatapa is not only full time Bengali poet, she also have passion for Indian Classical Dance form Bharatnattyam. She started writing poems at her early age, days in Shiliguri and river Teesta and Hills frequently reflected on her poems.