Book Review – The Calling by Priya Kumar

Book Review - The Calling by Priya Kumar

About the Author : She was born in Chandigarh on 4 March 1973. She became a motivational speaker at the age of 24 that makes her the youngest motivational speaker in India in 1998. She also conducts various workshops with multinational corporate houses around the globe. Priya is not only an author, her works and expertise spans in various fields like, from motivational speaker, corporate trainer, columnist, radio jockey to winning various National and International awards for her books. She is indeed a multi-talented personality.

Book Review - The Calling by Priya Kumar

Synopsis : The Calling is a spiritual adventure. It is an encounter with the truth, the wisdom and the force that is innate to us all. At the brink of a divorce and personal breakdown, Arjun took a trip into the heart of the Himalayas, on the insistence of a sadhu, who predicted that the journey up to Hemkund Sahib would align him to his purpose and change his life forever. At every turn the mountains holds secrets and tests that urge Arjun to evolve into the person he had denied to be – himself. Pretenses, falsities, confusions and untruths fall apart as Arjun is forced to confront the mess he had created in his life. What started off as an opportunity to escape reality, turned out to be an opportunity to escape from the dwindling spiral of self-created misery. Filled with spiritual insights and sprinkled with light humor, this story will help you find your calling, your voice and who knows, even your true self.

We all came here for a reason bigger than going to work and making money”.

Review : Before I write the review of the book, want to say something. I got the book  somewhere around September or October and was just waiting to read but, due to some personal complications, I was unable to find time. Her hand written (her handwriting is like a pearl) note evoke my interest to read the book initially.  However, I got the chance last month and completed the book in two days. Deep inside I felt that it not like a usual story book but has a message hidden in every word. So, I read the book once again and come to a conclusion that this book is meant for unhurried reading.

These mountains look still, sahib, but they are not. They move, they are alive, they speak, they share your soul”.

The book talks about the journey of a man name, Arjun to find the true purpose of his life. Arjun is a typical, high flying, over-ambitious corporate guy. He earns huge, for that he works more than required. He always attached to his phone and ignores his surroundings. His lifestyle brought complications in his personal and as well as in professional life. At a point of his life, his wife sending him a notice for divorce and on the other hand, he is in under tremendous work pressure. With all his combustion, he travels to Shimla on an official trip. Here he meets with an accident but somehow or miraculously saved by a sadhu. Sadhu advised him to go to Hemkund Sahib, a Sikh pilgrimage site. Here he meets with Chandu as his transporter and companion for the journey to the top. This journey has the different perspective for Arjun, where he discovers the truth.

There is an important lesson for everyone in this book and it has been successfully penned by the author. Very well written book and on my opinion this book is intended for matured person. It is a must read book for me.

This Book Comprises of 11 Chapters


    • Why don’t good things last
    • The journey
    • It takes long
    • The blue hand
    • The circle of life
    • The failed test
    • The second test
    • Everything changes
    • The stone
    • The good seeds
    • The purple thread unraveled

Title: The Calling  – Unleash your True Self
Author: Priya Kumar
Genre: Inspiration and Personal Growth
Publication: Books that Inspire
ISBN 10: 935258970X
ISBN 13: 978-9352589708

Pages: 156
Price: Rs 299 (Printed)
Price: Rs 120 – 180 (Available Online)

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Note : Thank you Priya Kumar and her Team for the Book.

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