Great Eastern Hotel Kolkata

Great Eastern Hotel - Kolkata, India

Please don’t think, this post is on delicious foods or about best dishes served in Great Eastern Hotel, Kolkata (Calcutta, India). Great Eastern Hotel indeed a pride of Kolkata and witnessed many historical events. It established in 1835 and once known as Lawrence’s Hotel and in the year of 1915 renamed as Great Eastern Hotel. This hotel has housed many world famous personalities, like Mark Twain, Ho Chí Minh, Elizabeth II, list is huge. Great Eastern Hotel faced many ups and downs and declined in business during Naxalite movement of West Bengal. Later on Government of West Bengal took over it’s management in 1970 but on 2005 sold it to private company. After extensive renovation work, it reopened on 2013 with a new name The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel.

Great Eastern Hotel illuminated for Christmas and New year eve, around 20/25 years back, at evening, specially robust Ionian pillars and huge cast iron balcony was looks no nice from outside, this is the only childhood memory of me about Great Eastern Hotel.

Location Of Great Eastern Hotel:- Near Kolkata Raj Bhavan .

Address Of Great Eastern Hotel:- 18, Hemanta Basu Sarani Kolkata.


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