House of Girish Ghosh

When Bengali talk about theater, his name comes automatically.
When Bengali talk about Boozers, his name comes automatically.
When Bengali talk about Intellectuals, his name comes automatically.
List is big about his abilities and qualities. In a sense he can be called as “Father of Bengali Theater”. He is great Girish Chandra Ghosh, noted thespian and dramatist of 19th century. He was born in 28th February 1844 and Died 8th February 1912.

His talent was not only in Theater but also he remembered as Bengali musician, poet, play-writer, novelist, theater director and actor. Actually he was a versatile genius. Girish Ghosh was an atheist before he met Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. His life had changed after Ramakrishna came into his life and he become disciple of Ramakrishna.

I have taken the photograph of his house during Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 3 Photowalk.Most interesting part about his house, is situated in the Middle of the two bifurcated Road (Girish Avenue). Girish Park of Calcutta (Kolkata) is named after Girish Chandra Ghosh. Here is the photos of his house.

House of Girish Ghosh - Kolkata, India House of Girish Ghosh - Kolkata, India


Location Of Girish Ghosh House:- Near Girish Avenue and Bagbazar Crossing.

Address Of Girish Ghosh House:- Girish Bhavan, 13, Girish Avenue Kolkata.


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