Things to Carry for Snow Trek

Trekking under heavy snow condition itself a challenge and preparing the list of things to carry for the trek is also a challenging and tedious job. The list what I will share with you is based on my Kedarkantha Summit experience but you can use it on any trek. The things that I have included here, I carried most of the things during the snow trek and add few more to the list which I didn’t carry during the trek but felt like should include during my trek. Even I have excluded some must have gears for trekking from this list because I have already published another post on the same earlier. Please, check out my post, Top 10 Essentials for Trekking.

At the end of this post, you will find information on where to rent trekking gears like shoes, tents etc when you are trekking in Uttarakhand.


Some General Advice/Gyan for Clothing
A. Basic gyan for clothing is dressing in layers. Instead, wearing a thick T-Shirt, use Two T-shirts worn one over the other is warmer.
B. Please do not carry your denim.
C. Please do not carry half pants

1. A pair of thermal inner.
2. Three pairs of trek pants quick-dry type or you can carry track pants with multiple pockets. Track or trek pants are little lighter so in the case of temperature get down you can wear one over the other.
3. Three T-Shirt with collar. Preferably full sleeves.
4. One cricket/running inner made of Lycra Fabric.
5. One/Two full sleeve Sweater.
6. One Heavy jacket
7. One full sleeves Fleece jacket.
8. Sports socks 5/6 pair or you can carry more. When temperature gets down you can use socks as a gloves.
9. One woolen monkey cap or Balaclava.
10. One Bandana Buff is a must.
11. Rain Coat or Poncho.
12. Woolen hand gloves.
13. Synthetic hand gloves preferably water resistance.
14. Sunglass UV protected. Please do not carry Blue colored Sunglasses. People who wear spectacle or contact lens, use Photo-chromatic glasses.
15. Sun cap UV protected.
16. Lightweight towel (Quick dry type).

Accessories and Utilities

1. Lip balm or Chapstick
2. Sun Screen Lotion (SPF 40+)
3. Cold cream.
4. Instant Hand Sanitizer.
5. Personal Toilet kit/ Toilet Paper.
6. Wet Tissues (Very much required)
7. Water bottle (Minimum 0.75L) preferably aluminium make. Please do not carry disposable bottle.
8. Mestin/plate, Mug, Spoon.
9. Repair kit – Needle, thread, string and safety pins.
10. Head torch with extra battery.
11. LED torch with extra battery (Optional).
12. Extra Plastic bags.
13. Multi-functional Swiss army knife.
14. Camera, Battery (Extra Battery), Memory Card (Extra Memory Card)
15. Pen and Writing pad.

Trekking Gears
1. Trekking Pole (Preferable telescopic anti-shock trekking poles).
2. Gaiters (Optional if your operator/Club provides you)
3. Crampons (Metal spikes fixed to a boot for walking on ice).(Optional if your operator/Club provides you)
4. Ice-Axe (Optional if your operator/Club provides you).
5. Slippers/Sports sandals.
6. Tent (Optional if your operator/Club provides you).
7. Sleeping Bag (Optional if your operator/Club provides you).
8. Sleeping Mat (Optional if your operator/Club provides you).
9. Carabiner (1 pcs Optional).

Medicines Kit

1. Carry your regular medicines.
2. Painkiller – Combiflam (6 tabs)
3. Anti-allergy – Avil 25mg (6 tabs)
4. Paracetamol – Crocin (6 tabs)
5. Headache – Vasograin (6 tabs) but you can carry anything which suits you.
6. Antacid – Zintac/Rantac (one Stripe) but you can carry anything which suits you.
7. Vomiting – Avomine (6 tabs)
8. Homeopathic medicine coca 30 or Carbo veg for High Altitude sickness.
9. Antiseptic (I prefer Betadine)
10. Eno (4 Pcs)
11. ORS (5/6 Packets)
12. Water purifying tablets
13. Band-Aid (6 Pcs)
14. Leukoplast (1 roll)
15. Cotton
16. Gauze cloth
17. Crepe bandage (two rolls)
18. Painkiller Spray (Moov/Nanofast Gel)
19. Hot water bag/Bottle (Optional).


1. Chocolate (As much as you can carry)
2. Candy (As much as you can carry)
3. Dry fruit (Raisins (Kismis), Cashew nuts (Kaju)) – mixed 400/500 gram

Note – Do not carry Alcohol.


1. One photo Identification proof (Voter ID/Driving License)
2. Passport size photo (4 nos)

Renting Trekking Gears in Uttarakhand

Adventure Compass - Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India Adventure Compass - Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India

If you trekking in Uttrakhand and want to rent trekking gears, yes there is a shop called Adventure Compass, they offer trekking gears in rent at cheap price. Adventure Compass is not only a simple shop for buy and rent of adventure sports goods but they have a cafe called “Trekkers Cafe” which completely dedicated for adventure sports lovers. Where you can discuss , relax and read about adventure sports with over a cup of hot coffee. Above everything, they offer a wide range of trekking goods in competitive price and seriously this is fav shop of mine after Decathlon. After all the shop is run by four young adventure lover guys.

Address – “Adventure Compass” Above Nanital bank, Badrinath Road Tapovan Rishikesh -249201
Phone Number – 0135-2442075,  +91-9456362345
Website –

How to get there – 1. Haridwar – Take auto rickshaw (45/50 rupees) to Rishikesh Central. From Rishikesh central take an another auto rickshaw (5/10 Rupees) to get down at Tapovan.
2. Dehradun – 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Dehradun to Rishikesh.

Note – Special Thanks to Rakesh Pant and Amit.

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