True Story of a Singer – Professionally Carpenter

Bapi Makhal - Street Singer
Why I am so curious about every little things and what made me so, seriously I don’t know. One day, I sat on the 1st floor and renovation works were going on, on the 2nd floor of my sister’s house. I heard a humming sound of a male voice like singing a song. Out of curiosity I went up to the 2nd floor and from a little distance, I heard him singing. He stopped singing immediately when he noticed me on the floor. I asked him whether he is a singer or not? the answer was No and it was quite obvious.

Two three months have gone after the incident. Few days back I called Pawan to my house for some Carpentry works. During our discussion, suddenly he pointed out my guitar and asked me whether I play the Guitar or not. So I said yes to him and instantly he asked me to teach him. I said no to him but promised him to provide him a good guitar teacher. Then I asked him that whether Bapi is a singer or not. He confessed me that Bapi is a singer but that day he denied me because Bapi thought that I might laugh at him and also I could think that how come a carpenter can be a singer. But when he saw my guitar, he realized that I am also a music lover, so he started to open himself to me. I told him to bring Bapi along with him on the next day.

On the next day morning, Pawan came to my home along with Bapi. They were prepared to tell me about their another perspective of life and on the other side I was also eager to know about them.

Bapi Makhal was born in a poor Christian family and left his studies very early due to the poor financial condition. He started learning Music when he was in school but couldn’t continue after learning for two months. It was impossible for his family to support his education and as well as his Music class financially. So he decided to left his village, which is near to Sundarban Area for work and came to Kolkata. At a tender age, he started doing carpentry work but his passion for music didn’t die. He continued his music practice under tremendous work pressure. Apart from his work, he started participating in local singing competitions. He managed to save some money after few years of work and he decided to learn Synthesizer. He learned this instrument for six months but couldn’t continue as all saved money were exhausted. Few years back, Father of a local Church called him and asked him to sing for the Church. That changed his life and he started singing Christian Religious songs in Bengali.

He has completely devoted his music to Jesus Christ. When I asked him to sing a commercial song, he told me that he vowed to Jesus that he would sing only his songs. Now he has his own music group and when he managed time he perform in local villages. Pawan (Andreo Sarkar) is also a musician and he plays percussion instruments in Bapi’s Music Group.

I feel he is a genuine talented Singer and Musician and if provided proper training to him, he will shine more. If you love his songs and his story please share it, in the same way, you showered your love to Bhagwan Mali. I recorded his songs with my mobile and I am posting here those videos with the hope that will surely entertain you. Also want that this post will make him popular and if any organization come forward to support his music. Maybe there are organizations those who support talented musicians.

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4 Responses

  1. Interesting Person who have not let his focus go astray from his goal, despite hardships he faced in his life.
    One can take inspiration from him.

  2. Samrat says:

    I hate it how religious groups make deals like this that he can’t sing apart from Jesus’s songs. On the other hand it’s a good thing that atleast he get to reprieve his dream of being a singer through their support.

  3. shweta says:

    you discovered a gem 🙂 very inspirational 🙂

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