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Sarat Chandra House in Deulti
I was pondering over how do I start writing about Sarat Chandra and about his house in Deulti. Almost everybody watched many times of those famous Bollywood Movies Devdas, Parineeta, Majhli Didi, Swami, Chhoti Bahu etc and the writer of those immortal stories were famous Bengali writer Late Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Seriously, I got lost in thoughts because the spectrum he occupied in Literature it is really huge and also his life. Another aspect was writing about the weekend at Deulti, So my thoughts were jumbled up.

I went there with my friend Mrinal Das and along with his few friends. Before this trip, I was not acquainted with his friends, although we became friends after the trip. Mrinal planned the trip because he would write up a script for his upcoming film and for that he chooses this remote place to give a finishing touch to his script. Initially, I agreed to accompany them just to be a part of their filmmaking process but deep inside there was huge urge to see the house of  Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. We stayed at Sudipta Da’s house and the hospitality what he showered to us uffffff it was fabulous……. Thanks, Sudipta Da for everything you have done for the maddest people on the planet.

Beautiful Tree in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, IndiaSudipta Da House (From Left Mrinal and Ashesh Da) in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India

Deulti :- Deulti is a small village situated in Howrah district of West Bengal. This is a picture-perfect place and best place to spend the weekend in winter. Especially when you want a rural escape and want to enjoy the nature in a small village. If you can manage to team up with a group of people then you can even plan for a day picnic in Deulti as it is not so far away, just 60km from Kolkata. This village is situated on the bank of river Rupnarayan and you can enjoy the serenity sitting on the bank. Keep in mind, Rupnarayan is very much dangerous during Monsoon but its really cool in winter. Walking down the muddy path of the village and wherever you look around, greenery will give you a visual treat.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and His House in Deulti :- He was born in a small village called Devanandapur (Now in District Hooghly, West Bengal Earlier in British India it was under Bengal Presidency) on September 15, 1876. He renowned as “Katha Shilpi” in Bengali literature. During his childhood, the pecuniary condition of his family was extremely bad and that’s why he couldn’t pursue his studies in F.A. (First Arts) examination or college. Although his life was full of colours and adventurous.

Inside the house of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India

Mementoes of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India
After returned from Burma he stayed in Baje Shibpur, Howrah and build this house in Samtabere village (in Deulti). After shifted to this house he spends the rest of his life in Samtabere and also a house in Kolkata (Earlier Calcutta). He wrote many novels and stories in this house and during the British Raj, this house was also an important place for freedom fighters. He wrote his last novel “Biprodas” in this house.

Mementoes of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India
Writing Table of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, IndiaHandcrafted Wooden home Temple of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India

It was a really thrilling experience for me to visit his two storied house with full of history and romanticism. Now the house has been converted to a museum where mementos of his like writing table, Chairs, Bed, Charkas, Handcrafted wooden home temple, Medicines (He was a doctor and used to treat poor villagers), Chappals, Wooden Stick and much more are kept. On the opposite side of this house, there is a famous pond still exists. This is the pond, where Sarat Chandra’s two fishes Kartik and Ganesh lived. He was suffering from Gastro problems and died on 16 January 1938. After that, his ashes have been buried here in Deulti. On the left-hand side of this house, there is a place where his ashes were buried including family members and his spiritual guru.

Ashes of Sarat Chandra and others inside the compound of house of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India
Famous Pond of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India

The caretaker of the house is Manna Da and he is the third generation man who is taking care of this house. He also acts as a guide for the visitors but doesn’t charge anything. This museum is open to everybody and there are no entry charges for the visitors. If you found the gate of the house is locked, search for the Manna Da as he stays in the vicinity.

Caretaker of the house of Sarat Chandra - Manna Da in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, IndiaDrawing room of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India

Place for Peacock inside the house of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, IndiaTemple inside the house of Sarat Chandra in Deulti, Howrah - West Bengal, India

Places to see in Deulti
A) House Of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay:- I have already mentioned about the place and this house is a protected monument under West Bengal heritage commission. This is the must watch place.

B) Temple of Radha and Madangopal: –There is a Radha and Madan Gopal temple which is more than 250 years old. This temple was erected in the year 1652 by Mangalhat Pragana. It is an eight roofed (In Bengali Atchala Temple) beautiful temple with full of terracotta designs. This is also an attraction of Deulti.

Nearby Attractions
Those who are frequent on the national highway, among them Kolaghat is a very popular place and important as a gateway for many places. Kolkaghat is just a few minutes drive from Deulti. Another two places are very popular and established their name on the map of weekend spots from Kolkata, Garchumuk, and Gadiara. So you can plan to visit those places from Deulti.

Hotels in Deulti
In Deulti, there are many Hotels, Lodges, and Resorts. Accommodations are easily available but rates are on the little higher side. In winter, rates of hotels or lodges become higher. If you are visiting in normal weekdays must bargain for rates.

How to reach
By Road
Deulti is very well connected to Kolkata and from Esplanade, there are bus services. Deulti is only 60km from Kolkata and It takes approximately 2-2:30 hours by bus to reach. You can also go there by car, so in that case, take NH6 to Deulti Station Road and take a left turn from Deulti Crossing onto Deulti Station Road. Car rental also available from Kolkata but in that case, you have to book the car for your return journey too.

By Airport
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata is the nearest airport to Deulti.

By Train
The Train is the best option for Deulti and there are many trains available from Howrah. Deulti is a small station on Howrah-Kharagpur line. So you can board to any train to Howrah-Kharagpur line. I recommend you to go there by train.

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  1. Anirban Majumder says:

    Outstanding.. Keep Posting…

  2. Have read other blogs on Deulti, but have not seen such detailed photographs of the writer’s house. Very good documentation.

    Radha and Madanogopal temple was undergoing renovation. Is the renovation complete ? Could you share a current photograph of the temple ?

    Although there is no direct English translation of the term “Aat Chala”, I suggest instead of writing mere “eight roofed”, you may write “Hut styled eight roofed” or “Bengal hut styled eight roofed” to give a clearer picture.

    In this context it may be mentioned that to describe Chala temple, David McCutchion had used to term “Hut Syled”.

    • BongBlogger says:

      Thank you so much Amitabha Da for stopping by my blog. During my visit Radha and Madanogopal temple was under renovation (Not restoration). Thank you so much for the inputs, specially on “Aat Chala”.

  3. svetlana says:

    Beautiful post. Loved it.

  4. Arun says:

    Great post! Have never read so much about Deulti. Got to know about it through this post.

  5. Beautiful pictures…..

  6. Papiya Saha says:

    Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is my all time most favorite author. There was a time, when I used to skip my food and sleep in time, while reading any novel of him. Whatever we use to think, dream, love, pain, those all feelings , state of mind, is written by him…. we can see ourselves, in every page of his novel…… I really admire the person, …the Author…..the Novelist…..Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Thanks to you, Babla, for your so detail documentation about his place. Wonderful….as I once again touched his creation through your detail input. Thanks once again

    • BongBlogger says:

      Thank you Papiya Di for stopping by my blog !! Nice to hear from you !! Indeed Sarat Chandra is also one of my fav, although, I prefer to read Non-Fiction !! words you wrote about this blog post, I am really touched and honored !! Please keeps on visiting my blog !!

  7. Beautiful! There is so much history and heritage in these parts…

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    Can somebody guide me where is Radha Madonogopal temple exactly located in Deulti, I am presently in Deulti and will be return by today evening. My contact no is 9038127544.

  10. Shubhajit says:

    I appreciate how you have started the post and continued with a consistency in writing. I plan to visit the place this weekend on a small road trip. Thanks for info.

  11. Madhur Lakra says:

    Good to know ,i was trying to locate in google but it did not appear , would you tell the exact location where this is will help.surly i will visit , and can it be hired for picnic.?
    other details are informative. Thank you so much

  12. Sanhita Mitra says:

    Thank you so much for attending a random call and guiding me so patiently. Appreciate your assistance. Hope you have a very Happy New Year 2018.


    • BongBlogger says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Please stay connected and don’t be hesitate to call for any help. Happy journey and Happy new year to you and to your family.

  13. Birchi says:

    Good post on Deulti. I have listen a lot about this place but never got time to visit. will try to visit soon

  14. Abhishek BOSE says:

    Today I visited the house of Saratchandra at Deulti alongwith my family.It was a great experience.
    The Vivid description of Bongblogger is excellent.

  15. Nice post author.Thank you.Keep going.

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    Deulti is a nice place. You have shared valuable information here.

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