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29RCCMAK - Susunia Hill

Winter is approaching in Kolkata this year and this is the right time to plan for the weekend trip and picnic with family and friends. The first things come in mind where to go? After a very hectic schedule, one needs a calm and quiet place to relax his/her mind. When you are with your family, for sure your wife will search for some shopping during the trip and for that Susunia is the best place. Susunia is a very popular spot for a weekend tour and also popular among Rock climbers, trekkers, and hikers, specially when someone thought about weekend destination near Kolkata. If you are not a mountaineer, there is scope to explore the Susunia Hill like a hiker. Susunia hill is heaven for the enthusiastic adventure sports lovers. Wherever you see around, greenery will give you peace for your eyes and soul. Take a stroll with your loved one in the early morning, walking down a road on the both sides huge trees will provide you shade from the sun, it is a kind of feelings, that needs to be witnessed on your own.

If you are a nature lover than Susunia is one of the best spots to explore its beauty and witness the unspoiled nature. Hill is 440 meters high and older than Himalaya, can you imagine it? Susunia hill range is 3.2 Km wide and its stone is Archean Age stone. The peak of Susunia hill is made of with small and big stones, for that, it got a name, Poppins peak. Gandheshwari river is flowing down the hill, Susunia gives out a picture perfect look.

It is situated in Bankura District, West Bengal and Chatna is 13KM away from Bankura. Susunia is just 7KM away from Chatna Railway station and bus service is available from Chatna to Susunia.

29RCCMAK - Sunset from Susunia Hill   29RCCMAK - Top View from Susunia Hill

Places to see in Susunia:- The hill is renowned as an archaeological site and fossils of tigers, hyena etc are found in Susunia Hill. Stone inscriptions of 4th century AD have found on the hill. King of Puskorona was Chandra Varma (Present days Pokhran) of Rajasthan conquered Bengal in 4th century AD and built a fort on Susunia hill. At the end of 4th Century AD, he was killed in a war by Gupta Dynasty’s King Chandra Gupta Mayuriya. Stone inscriptions are written in Sanskrit language (Shilalipi) of Chandra Varma have found in Susunia hill. So one can see those things around.
The Natural Spring or Dhara can be seen, it’s just within walking distance. In Chatna, there is a very old temple of goddess Bishalakhi (Basuli) and very famous man Baru Chandidas was the priest of this temple. Others things also can be witnessed Big silence, history, nature, stone inscriptions, natural spring, river and a hill etc, what else you need more on your weekend tour.

Susunia Hill , in Bankura India
View of Villages from top of Susunia Hill , in Bankura India
Dhara in Susunia Hill , in Bankura India
Susunia Hill , in Bankura India

Shopping:- Susunia is also famous for stone carving and if you feel like you can buy them. There are two famous villages in the vicinity of Susunia, one is Netkamla and another Bindhyajam. Those villages are very famous for Dhokra crafts. Not only Dhokra, Bankura district is famous for beautifully designed Terracotta items and readily available across the Bankura in affordable price. If you love to decorate your house, I recommend you to buy some Dhokra or Terracotta items.

Whether you are foody or not, Please try local sweets there specially Mecha Sandesh” and “Pera”. Even you can try some “Mahua” drink, available over there.

How to reach
By Road
Susunia is very well connected to Kolkata and from Esplanade, Kolkata there are bus services in the early morning to reach there. It takes around 6-7 hours by bus to reach Susunia from Kolkata. West Bengal State Road Transport Corporation (WBSRTC) and some private travel services connect Susunia Hill from Kolkata.

By Airport
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata is the nearest airport to Susunia Hill.

By Train
One can get down at Bishnupur railway station and then take a bus ride to Susunia but I suggest, better get down at Chatna railway station, Susunia is just 7KM away from this place.

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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Looks like an awesome place…I love hilly areas

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    +1 .. Never heard of it but it sounds interesting. I belong to hills and love the fresh air of these beautiful landscapes.

  3. Nice place, Amazing pics

  4. Beautiful picture & nice place….

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    Nice place. Beautiful pics.

  6. Very informative. Ei rokom ekta destination khujchilaam!

    Though not much of hiker, I am very interested in archaeology and what you described is very exciting. Thanks for the clear description and beautiful snaps.


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