Zion Via Lenz #1.5 – Tale of Corners

My city knows my every secret, My first kiss, My first crush, My first puff and those truths that I have never ever said even to myself. Similarly, my city has its own secrets and I found each day with new secrets of my loving city Kolkata. Every city have its own corners and all corners has its own nature and story. Some noticed the story of some corners but we ignore mostly. Some corners have never changed its nature but some changed frequently. That’s the reason I connect myself with the texture of my loving city Kolkata. A corner with pale faces speaks loudly about the pathos of life and, more importantly, reflects the Socio-economic condition.

Speaking Corner - Kolkata, IndiaGlittering Corner - Kolkata, IndiaSpeaking Corner - Kolkata, IndiaSpeaking Corner - Kolkata, IndiaCorner of Kolkata

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