Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V - Participants Group Photo

It’s always been an honor for me to associate myself with any event of Wikipedia and seriously give me extreme satisfaction if I can contribute little to Wikipedia. Being a Wikipedian I am always waiting for the event of Photo scavenging walk or in other word Wikipedia Takes Kolkata event to occur. Somehow, winter of Kolkata blows the whistle for the event. Although, taking part of this kind event with eminent photographers and scholars means it also helps to enrich myself. Apart from visiting some new spots, it gives me immense fun with my fellow Wikipedians and bloggers of the same niche.

My waiting was over for the event on Sunday, 24th January 2016, as a new session of Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V was scheduled on that day. I had a talk with eminent blogger Mr. Rangan Datta over phone about the timing and accordingly Me and Sumit reached to Khidirpur Tram Depot early morning that day, as it was the rendezvous of the event. Special mention about my wife, always been a source of inspiration for me and without her encouragement, it wouldn’t be possible for me to follow thorough my passions.

Wikipedians in Action - Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk, Kolkata, India

It is always been a pleasure to meet veteran Wikipedians like Rangan Da, Deepanjan, Santanu Da, Sujay, Biswarup Da, Kalyan, Ananya, Arup and really I love the company of all of them. Apart from anything I have always enjoyed being with Sumit and his constant support helped me in every possible way. On this walk I met with newly joined Wikipedians and it’s really a refreshing feeling to see new faces. Meeting new people is always give me positive energy but missing old faces are always painful. In the walk I really missed some faces like Tito Dutta,Amitabha Da, Sukanta, Samrat, Aurobindo, Probuddha, Jayanta Nath, Ayan, Subhojit. I am eagerly waiting for to walk with you all, side by side once again  on the next walk.

Wikipedians having Kachuri in Breakfast - Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk, Kolkata, India Wikipedians having Kachuri in Breakfast - Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk, Kolkata, India

Some fueled up themselves with kachuri and some with hot tea, finally we started our Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V Photowalk around 7:40am. The list of important places we have photographed during the photowalk. Please wait for some days details of those paces will be covered in future blog posts.

  • St. Stephen Cemetery
  • Bhukailash Rajbari
  • Patit Pabani Durga Mandir inside the inner Courtyard of Bhukailash Rajbari
  • Residence of Micheal Madhusudhan Dutt
  • Residence of Rongolal Bandhopadhyay
  • Residence of Hemchandra Bandopadhyay
  • Lascar Memorial

St. Stephen Cemetery

St.Stephen Cemetery - Main Gate St.Stephen Cemetery - Inside Burial Ground

Bhukailash Rajbari

Bhukailash Shiv Temple - Khidirpur - Front View Bhukailash Shiv Temple - Khidirpur - Full View

Patit Pabani Durga Mandir

Patit Paboni (Goddess Durga) Temple Patit Paboni (Goddess Durga) Temple - Deity Goddess Durga

Residence of Micheal Madhusudhan Dutt

Residence of Micheal Madhusudhan Dutt - Facade Residence of Micheal Madhusudhan Dutt in Khidirpur

Residence of Rongolal Bandhopadhyay

Residence of Rongolal Bandhopadhyay - Entrance Residence of Rongolal Bandhopadhyay

Residence of Hemchandra Bandopadhyay

Residence of Hemchandra Bandopadhyay Residence of Hemchandra Bandopadhyay in Khidirpur

Lascar Memorial

Lascar Memorial

The area we covered during the walk was little stretched and Rangan Da successfully led the squad. Although, Sk.Sohail helped us so much to locate those places. When a full squad of Wikipedians hit the road, it is quite obvious that the event will be a grand success. One thing I noticed during our walk that many people asked about our identity and when we told them that we are Wikipedians, somehow the answer doesn’t convince them. Maybe the possible reason behind this was most of the Wikipedians doesn’t have proper merchandise which reflects their identity as Wikipedian like T-Shirt or Wiki Badges.

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk, Kolkata, India Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk, Kolkata, India

Our Walk ended up at Lascar Memorial with a grand celebration. I call it grand because I am seriously delighted to have food which was offered to Wikipedians by Indian Navy at a grand place Lascar Memorial. This was the first time when Wikipedia walk ended up with Tea, Biscuits, and Sandwiches. It was around 12:40Pm when we finally left for home.

Some Moments

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata V – Photowalk, Kolkata, India

Other WikiPedia Events

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 3
Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 4

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  1. Great fun dada, wasn’t it? Amazing pictures… You are so good with pictures!

  2. Nicely captured. It was indeed a pleasure and great fun to be with all you crazies. Also special because it was my very own backyard and visiting the places that I’ve literally walked and grown up around with fellow history and travel enthusiasts was a proud moment. Hope to see some more of you and these events in future.

  1. March 18, 2019

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